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Simple to Use

Snapchat Video Download and saves take only a few seconds. Simply copy the Snapchat URL and paste it into the search box above.

No Account Needed

When using the Snapchat Video Downloader, SSDownloader does not want you to create an account.
Simply type “SSDownloader” into your browser to find it.

100% Free

You can download an unlimited number of your favorite Snapchat videos for free. You can easily download all of your favorite Snapchat videos using our platform, and everything is totally free.

Snapchat Video Downloader: What is it?

Without installing additional software, Snapchat Video Downloader enables you to view and download Snapchat videos in HD format.

How do I save a Snapchat video?

The URL should be copied and pasted into our search box. When you locate it, you will see a preview of the video and buttons with the download options.

Does the consumer understand how to view or save his video?

No, the tool is entirely private.

Do LIVE videos allow for download?

Yes, right after it’s done.

Can I download a video from a private profile?

This is not a feature that we offer. There is a reason why private videos are concealed.

Is there a free Snapchat video downloader?

On our website, you may watch and download Snapchat videos without charge.

Are files stored on the website?

No, every file is directly housed on the Snapchat server.

On the website Snapchat Video, how do I download videos?

*Open the app on your phone where you need to download the video. example: Snapchat 
*You can choose any video to download.
*The Share button will appear in the video’s lower right corner.
*Press the Copy button.
*Copy the link and return to SSDdownloader. Go to your Snapchat video by clicking on it in the window above, then select “Download.”
*When the website server is finished processing, wait before saving the movie to your device.

Where are my downloaded videos kept?

On Android mobile and PC, videos are often kept in the “Download” folder.

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